A psychopath who doesn't want to be seen as nice.


A cat doodle on the street of Nantong that attracted 3 million people to punch a card has been maliciously painted. It was only painted on the street for four days, but it was originally due to the damage of the wall. After the author found it, he drew a cute picture of a cat coming out of the hole on the cement. In just a few days, it attracted a million people to punch in and became an Internet celebrity doodle. It was painted on August 31, and it was destroyed today, and it can be destroyed in just three or four days, maybe that person doesn't like small animals. The author expressed regret that everyone is still immersed in the joy of small beauty, but regret is the normal life, there will be more small beauty waiting to be discovered. Habits are not all people can be called human, some people are just bad. I feel better after doodling… Maybe it's too much traffic? We don't understand… So there is a reason to be looked down upon by others, in fact, there are a lot of people who deliberately make bad such people. Some people have cheap hands, and there is a dark saying that a cat painting is very beautiful. It can not be explained. At first glance is a person with the spirit of resistance in reality, many abnormal, just some pretend to be very good born bad B or minority acquired breed a lot of people who have been unequal treatment with grudges! It is outrageous that we can only reduce the gap between the rich and the poor through social progress. There's more to a hand than a finger. Look at the problem from a different Angle, too many people to punch the card all day, the quality is different, is not to disturb others.